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July 2016



Buhari fighting symptoms of corruption not the disease -Bishop Hassan-Kukah

Bishop Mathew Hassan-Kukah of Catholic Diocese of Sokoto says the government is fighting the symptoms of corruption and not the disease. Hassan-Kukah made the disclosure at a programme organised by the Book Readers’ Club of Ibadan School of Government and Public Policy (ISGPP) in Ibadan on Tuesday. Corruption According to him, government is only fighting corrupt people and not corruption because corruption can only be fought if the nation’s institutions are strengthened. “Government should begin the fight against corruption from the institution, so that we will not continue to have the same result,’’ he said. He said that the fight against corruption would be meaningful if it could be tied to governance, noting that corruption was the product of a malfunctioning system. Hassan-Kukah thereafter read from his 519-page book `Witness to Justice: An Insider’s Account of Nigeria’s Truth Commission (2011).’ Revealing his memoirs of Oputa Panel, the bishop said that reconcilia tion required p..

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The Ibadan School of Government and Public Policy (ISGPP) is fast becoming the intellectual point for policy dissemination and intellectual awakening in Nigeria where the who’s who in Nigeria’s intelligentsia circle comes together to brainstorm on salient issues that bothers on the conditions for national development in Nigeria. The ISGPP is an independent organisation devoted to research and executive education in support of governance and policy work in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. It serves as an innovative platform for community engagement on issues of governance, democracy and development. It therefore seeks to address skills deficits and advance knowledge required for transforming public institutions through the rethinking of the governance space, as catalysts for getting government to work better than they currently do for inclusive development and democracy. The ISGPP Book Readers’ Club is meant to sensitise the general public to critical issues about nation building and pr..

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ISGPPs Book Reading Event: Bishop Matthew Kukah’s “WITNESS TO JUSTICE”

Reading is to the brain, what exercise is to the body. As part of ISGPP’s efforts to implement key initiatives for impact to be made in various areas of Nigeria’s societal life, an area identified which needs to be addressed is our reading culture. A popular saying goes: ‘If you want to hide something from a Nigerian, put it in a book’. This sarcasm speaks directly to a sad reality in Nigeria today. Especially amongst the younger generation, the value of reading seems to have been lost. The calibre of Nigeria’s older generation of academics has been diligently captured in a good number of publications, over past decades. It will be unfortunate for such quality to be wasted because we are not reading, especially as our libraries contain many classics ‘hiding in the open’ on shelves across the country. A cursory glance at a cross-section of comments on social media networks on political issues and more, reveal the shallow-mindedness of most, due to poor knowledge of historical facts whi..

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Tenure Policy and Future of Civil Service in Nigeria By Tunji Olaopa

Recently, the news about the tenure policy in the federal civil service silently burst into the public sphere, and rather silently seems to have fizzled out like most significant issues that concern the progress of the Nigerian state. I however consider the issue one of rather immense significance, especially to the reform and transformation of the civil service in Nigeria, and so deserving of protracted debate and discussion that affects policy about how the civil service can perform and hence fulfil its mandate as a cornerstone of national development in Nigeria. My concern with this issue is, of course, not far-fetched. I have been a civil servant all my life; and my brief revolved around the reform of the civil service system in a way that backstopped Nigeria’s burgeoning democratic governance. For me, therefore, what is at issue is not the appropriateness of removing or retaining the tenure policy, but rather situating it within the overall well-being and performance capacity of..

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