About Us

Devoted to research, training and transformation of the public sector

Our Business Philosophy

This is guided by the constant need to take a 360-degree view of pertinent issues and perspectives on governance and public policy through executive training, research and advisory services. Our clients are emboldened by our vision, passion and commitment to work, thus, they raise the standard of service and governance and positively influence public oriented decisions that transforms the society.

The Ibadan School of Government and Public Policy (ISGPP) is an independent think tank devoted to research and training on issues of public policy in Africa for transforming public bureaucracies and political arrangements to make public policy work better than they currently do for inclusive development and democracy in Africa. We believe that our strength comes from strategic investment in people, technology and research and this uncompromising business model explains the reason for our continued success in our areas of endeavours.

The ISGPP is an agent of change that enhances the capacity of beneficiaries of its programmes to discover and apply creative solutions to a range of complex public policy, governance, democracy and development problems through deep reflective thinking. As an independent think tank, the ISGPP is run by a management team of experts, representing a critical mass of intellectual, scholars, scientists, professional and industrialist under the guidance provided by an international governing board responsible for the overall policies and direction of development of the school.

ISGPP has been involved in gathering and analysing evidence broadly on how public sector reform happens across some African countries and the roles that research evidence, learning and adaptation play in those reform processes in order to strengthen the evidence base on the pragmatics of public policy reforms in Africa and also that such research evidence becomes available and are used to make informed policy decisions and practices which will bring about sustained improvements in livelihood outcomes for Africans.


Enhancing the quality of government & public policy to positively transform society

Our Approach

We integrate a continuous mix of new perspectives and evidence-based analysis with creative approaches, resulting in monumental change at every stratum of the society. All classes are taught in a face-to-face small group sessions. Seminars and workshops take are a friendly and interactive approach. We guarantee our alumni a lifelong training through active invitation to training on webinar


We are established to contribute to solving socio-political problem through training, research and management of the process that proffer solutions to such problems. Therefore, we draw from theories and methods in Communication, Economics, Environmental and Development Studies, Law, Medical Sciences, Political Science and Sociology.

  • Create a platform for ideation, dialogue and debate on critical issues that impact socio-development in Africa. Organize training programmes to improve, impact and transform participants into the best and the brightest executives in the area of policy-making and policy execution.
  • Develop a new generation of professional civil servants who are incurably passionate about the development of the society.
  • Conduct and disseminate research findings that assist government in making sound socio-development decisions.

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Specific Goal

Our goal at the Ibadan School of Government and Public Policy (ISGPP) is to collaboratively work with government organizations, non-governmental organizations, international development agencies, academia and individuals to provide and promote a platform for dialogue, programmes, research, advocacy, networking and capacity building that would that lead to a positive social change through the development of well-grounded and highly disciplined visionary professionals in the civil/public service

Our Vision

To be Africa’s foremost school of government and public policy.


We seek to address skills deficits and advance knowledge required for transforming public bureaucracies and political arrangements into catalysts for making public policy work better for inclusive development and democracy than they currently do:

  • To carry out research and publish books and papers on government and public policy.
  • To train and build the capacity of government officials and citizens to improve the quality of government and public policy.
  • To provide platform for interface for government officials, academics, researchers, politicians, civil society activists, development partners, development theorists and practitioners.

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of government and public policy to positively transform society.

Statement of Quality Commitment

ISGPP recognizes the criticality of systems and practices that achieve the quality of work we do for our clients. We passionately embark on rigorous and consistent processes that hold us accountable to surpass established standard in the service for our clients. We live a life of commitment therefore our quality management programme ensures that:

  • Every client project is conducted using the principles of standard proven quality management systems
  • Only qualified staff are assigned to projects
  • Constantly ensure our product and services exceed client expectations.