ISGPP Book Reader’s Club reflects on the Nigerian electoral process as it engages Olusegun Adeniyi’s Against the Run of Play

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The 2015 Nigerian Presidential elections marked a watershed in African political history as an incumbent president of the acclaimed giant of the continent lost power through the ballot. With a history of military rule and a democratic process that has an omnipotent presidency; the electoral defeat of the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan is rare and intriguing. It is against this background that the veteran journalist cum presidential elections scholar Mr Olusegun Adeniyi, unmasked the variables that led to such uncommon phenomena in his book titled, Against the Run of Play: How an Incumbent President was Defeated in Nigeria.

The book which is based on primary data gathered through observations and interviews by the author chronologically reveal the factors that influenced the outcome of 2015 Nigerian elections. Against the Run of Play narrates how the zoning accord of 2011 would form the major basis for the anti-Jonathan candidature by certain influential groups in the country. It notes other factors such as: intra-party discord which led to revolt by some PDP governors, successful merger by opposition parties, perception of corruption, Boko Haram insurgency particularly the Chibok girls saga, unforced errors by the Jonathan administration, etc which cumulatively led to the incumbent’s loss of the 2015 presidential elections.

Recognising the importance of such texts in understanding the political culture and electoral process in Nigeria, the ISGPP Book Reader’s club is glad to host Mr Olusegun Adeniyi and to discuss issues from his book at her 3rd Book Reading event for year 2018. The event which will be chaired by the erudite political communications scholar, Prof. Adigun Agbaje (Department of Political Science, University of Ibadan) has Prof. Ayo Olukotun (Oba Sikiru Adetona Professorial Chair in Governance, Department of Political Science, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State) as the Lead Reviewer.

The club is pleased to further announce that former INEC Commissioner and Professor of Sociology, University of Lagos Prof. Lai Olurode; is leading the team of resource persons that will be discussing the book at the event. Other discussants include: Dr Irene Pogoson (Department of Political Science, University of Ibadan); Dr Festus Adedayo (Member, Editorial Board, The Tribune); and Mrs Yemi Alabi (Public Affairs Analyst).

The public reading of ‘Against the Run of Play’ at ISGPP presents an uncommon opportunity to interrogate issues such as the electioneering process in Nigeria, identity politics, party politics, influence of informal powers, role of the media etc. Therefore, such event could prevent collective amnesia, an emerging hallmark of the Nigerian political culture which has made leaders less accountable for their promises and actions.

Other details of the event are as follows:

Date: 17th May, 2018

Time: 11am

Venue: ISGPP premises, No 24, Awolowo Road, Bodija, Ibadan. Oyo State, Nigeria

Members of the public are hereby invited to join the conversations on that day as the Ibadan School of Government and Public Policy believes that significant policy imperatives aimed at the improvement of the political status quo, will emerge at the end of the event.