ISGPP’s Book Readers Club: The Report

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The maiden event of the ISGPP Readers Club was held on 19th May, 2016 at Aganga
Hall, University of Ibadan International Conference Centre. Organised by the Ibadan
School of Government and Public Policy (ISGPP), the event was attended by 48
participants amongst which were academics, executive directors, scholars/writers,
journalists, publishers, etc. Participants discussed the book, Taking Nigeria
Seriously, by Odia Ofeimun. It was widely acknowledged that the book is
compelling, provocative and presents issues which touch on key aspects of Nigeria’s
geopolitical, cultural and socio-economic existence. After the opening remarks by the
Executive Vice Chairman of the ISGPP, the Author then spoke to specific issues and
insights from the book. This generated vibrant and heated discourse around party
politics, nationalism and the national question, national history, democracy and
democratic governance, leadership, development, ethnicity/class, constitution and
constitutionalism, education, North-South relationship, etc. At the end of a very
interactive session, the Author gave some final clarifications and arguments, and the
event came to an end.

and Books

Publications and Books

The choice of Odia Ofeimun’s Taking Nigeria Seriously was apt, as interactions and
discussions revealed. It was widely acknowledged that coupled with the currency of
issues presented in the book, the author projected a compelling and provocative
stance on Nigeria and demonstrated a rich understanding of history by interpreting
events analytically, within context. Most participants shared the author’s identification
of ethnicity as the major problem with Nigeria. Class is equally significant and provides
a further enlightening variable in how we understanding the working of the Nigerian
Contributions from participants helped to throw more light on the essence of the
issues discussed, providing for deeper understanding.
Perhaps, the most significant suggestion which emerged from at least two participants
was that arrangements be made to ensure effective inclusion of the younger
generation from secondary schools so as to open their minds and share great insights
such as those in Taking Nigeria Seriously. In addition, participants expressed their
desire to see that initiatives are created to widely project the ideas in the book and
possibly yield actionable outcomes.

Please download the full report here: Maiden Event Final Report