Personal Skills Development for Office Managers, Executive Personal Assistants and Secretaries



This course looks at the role of the modern office managers, secretaries & assistants and provides insight of how to carry out duties related to office administration and management. This course will equip any secretary or assistant with the competence needed to excel on the job. It will give you an in-depth understanding of the principles and best practices of successful senior administrators. It will also increase their impact and visibility at the office and it will enable you to derive several action plans for taking on more challenges and raising your career up a notch.


  • Managing your boss and his schedules.
  • Getting organized and setting priorities.
  • Becoming a valued Assistant/Secretary.
  • Law and practice of Meetings and Minutes taking.
  • Office Etiquettes.
  • Travels and Protocol Management.
  • Report and proposal writing skills.
  • Developing excellent relationships with the manager to maximize productivity
  • Acquiring modern communication concepts and strategies to facilitate work flow.
  • Applying professional business writing techniques in e-mails.                                          


2 Days           


Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Special Assistants, Office Administrators, and Secretaries.