Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do at ISGPP?

Answer: ISGPP is a multinational think tank poised with the responsibility of solving problems of policies, research and education. As part of its interventionist program, ISGPP offer services to the public ranging from organizing seminar series and book readings on issues pertaining to the society like youth unemployment, gender inequality, trainings for government officials and other members of the public who are interested. We also have the Graduate Programs Unit where we offer Professional Masters in Public Policy as well as Postgraduate Diploma open to people with HND, OND, NCE.

We run a PhD clinic to assist in mentoring people that are running their PhD or are about to commence and have challenges with it. We also have a Public Policy Group think tank that consists of people from a plethora of fields ranging from the academia to government agencies. There is bookshop, library and an e-library

When is the Masters’ Program commencing?

Answer: The Masters’ Program is due to commence by June, 2018.

Does the Graduate Program Unit offer Distance Learning Opportunity?

Answer: Yes, it does. It offers a blended opportunity for busy professionals so they can access lectures virtually and it also creates the classroom experience for those who can attend physical lectures.

How much does it cost to run any of the Graduate Programs?

Answer: We usually do not disclose price range for any of the courses till our clients are ready to register.

What are the durations of the programs?

Answer: The Graduate program runs for a year while the short courses run for a minimum of one week to maximum of three months.

Is it difficult to get accepted into the ISGPP Graduate Program?

Answer: No, it is not. The basic requirements for the Masters’ Program is to have a degree from a university in any course. For the Postgraduate Diploma, the basic requirement is an OND, HND or NCE, if with a lower grade, e.g lower credit it must be with five years experience.

Is the Masters’ Program affiliated to any school?

Answer: Yes, the Masters’ program is affiliated to Lead City University, Ibadan and it is one of the leading Private institutions in Nigeria.

Can I attend seminar series and book readings? Is it open to all?

Answer: It is open to everyone that is interested in it. All you need to do is give us your email address and phone number, and we will add you to our mailing list and subsequently remind you of all our seminars and book readings.

FAQ: Does the general public have access to the library?

Answer: No. It is only meant for our in-house clients. For example, our Research fellows, Graduate Program delegates, Ph.D Candidates  and our researchers.