Public Policy Group

Research based and actionable policy models.

The Public Policy Group (PPG) is ISGPP’s multidisciplinary think tank under the Chairmanship of Prof. Ademola Oyejide and tasked with the responsibility of instigating discourses that will positively intervene in Nigeria’s policy architecture and policy environment to galvanise policy intelligence, development communication and action.

The PPG currently has a diverse and rich pool of faculty members from the public and private sector made up of bureaucrats, technocrats and the academia. The group operate based on the framework of research through her research fellows and interns; communication through publications and research papers; dialogue through numerous public seminars; education through book reading programs; and advocacy through engaging of policy networks.

Public Policy Group (PPG) Inauguration

The PPG is Guided by some research Clusters around which the school can facilitate its intervention in a variety of public issues that require a robust policy attention. These Clusters includes (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Governance, Politics and Public Integrity;
  • Economic Development and Growth;
  • Management of Economic Fluctuations;
  • Social Development;
  • Fiscal Federalism;
  • Exploitation of Natural Resources;
  • National Security and Defense;
  • Education, Science and Technology;
  • Climate and Environment
  • International Affairs
  • Public Service Governance & Institutional Reform
  • Exportation and Trade Services.
  • Development Communication and Advocacy.
  • Agriculture and Rural Development.

The PPG Currently has 46 members and 10 Research fellows

  • Prof. Ademola T. Oyejide
    Prof. Ademola T. Oyejide Chairman
  • Prof. Willie Siyanbola
    Prof. Willie Siyanbola Member
  • Prof. Remi Raji-Oyelade
    Prof. Remi Raji-Oyelade Member
  • Prof. Oluwafunmilayo j. Para-Mallam
    Prof. Oluwafunmilayo j. Para-Mallam Member
  • Prof. Mike Adeyeye
    Prof. Mike Adeyeye Member
  • Prof. John Ayoade
    Prof. John Ayoade Member
  • Prof. Gabriel Ogunmola
    Prof. Gabriel Ogunmola Member
  • Prof. E. Olawale Ogunkola
    Prof. E. Olawale Ogunkola Member
  • Prof. CBN Ogbogbo
    Prof. CBN Ogbogbo Member
  • Prof. Bayo Okunade
    Prof. Bayo Okunade Member
  • Prof. Amadu Sesay
    Prof. Amadu Sesay Member
  • Prof. Alaba Ogunsanwo Member
    Prof. Alaba Ogunsanwo Member Member
  • Prof. Akinjide Osuntokun
    Prof. Akinjide Osuntokun Member
  • Prof. Adeola Adenikinju
    Prof. Adeola Adenikinju Member
  • Prof. Abiodun Bankole
    Prof. Abiodun Bankole Member
  • Prof Olabisi O. Ugbebor
    Prof Olabisi O. Ugbebor Member
  • Prof M.K. Yahaya
    Prof M.K. Yahaya Member
  • Prof L.O. Sanni
    Prof L.O. Sanni Member
  • Prof Femi Omololu
    Prof Femi Omololu Member
  • Prof C.O.O Kolawole
    Prof C.O.O Kolawole Member
  • Prof Ayo Olukotun
    Prof Ayo Olukotun Member
  • Ms. Abimbola Adelakun
    Ms. Abimbola Adelakun Member
  • Mrs Bamidele Ademola-Olateju
    Mrs Bamidele Ademola-Olateju Member
  • Mr. Kolade Mosuro
    Mr. Kolade Mosuro Member
  • Mr. Eze Onyekpere
    Mr. Eze Onyekpere Member
  • Mr Odia Ofeimun
    Mr Odia Ofeimun Member
  • Mr Felix Adenaike
    Mr Felix Adenaike Member
  • Mr Edmund Obilo
    Mr Edmund Obilo Member
  • Hon. Nkoyo Toyo
    Hon. Nkoyo Toyo Member
  • Engr. John Ayodele
    Engr. John Ayodele Member
  • Elder Ayo Ojebode
    Elder Ayo Ojebode Member
  • Dr. Wumi Akin-Onigbinde
    Dr. Wumi Akin-Onigbinde Member
  • Dr. Tayo Aduloju
    Dr. Tayo Aduloju Member
  • Dr. Stephen Lawani
    Dr. Stephen Lawani Member
  • Dr. Funke Fayehun
    Dr. Funke Fayehun Member
  • Dr Babatunde Oyedeji
    Dr Babatunde Oyedeji Member
  • Chief Bayo Alugbin
    Chief Bayo Alugbin Member
  • Amb. Ayo Olukanni
    Amb. Ayo Olukanni Member

Recent projects by the ISGPP PPG include:

  • BPSR/DFID commissioned study on “Resolving Discrete Challenges in the Delivery of Health Services in Nigeria”
  • BPSR/DFID commissioned study on “Tackling Youth unemployment in Nigeria” click here to download policy note
  • Internet policy discourse with the African Academic Network on Internet Policy.

The group has organised seminars/policy dialogues on the following topics:

  • Prebendalism and the Nigerian Project: Reflections on Democracy and Development since 2015 click here to download report
  • Getting our Universities back on Track: Professionalizing University Governance as a Critical Reform Agenda in Nigeria’s Higher Educational System click here to download report
  • Decentralised Governance, the People and Development in Nigeria click here to download report
  • Evolution and Challenges of Health Policy and Health Systems Development in Nigeria click here to download report
  • Transiting from Bust to Boom: Fiscal, Financial, and Infrastructure Options click here to download report

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