Prof Akin Mabogunje CON, NNOM, CFRChairman of the Board

    Professor Mabogunje (ALM) started his professional career as a lecturer at the University of Ibadan in 1958. He became a senior lecturer in 1964 and a professor of Geography in 1965. Later on, he was Head of Department of Geography (1972-1975); Dean Faculty of the Social Sciences (1968-1970) and Director, Planning Studies Programme (1972- 1981). At the professional level, Professor Mabogunje was Editor of the Nigerian Geographical Journal (1962-65); Editor, Oxford University Press series on studies on the Development of African Resources; President, Nigeria Geographical Association (1972- 1982); Vice-President, Nigerian Ecological Society (1973-79); President, National Council Population Activities (1986-1992); and Executive Chairman, Development Policy Centre, Ibadan (1996-2000). This distinguished scholar, the ‘Father’ of Geography and one of the Fathers of the Social Sciences in Nigeria, has served government in many capacities and is the recipient of about 20 Honours in various academic, professional and administrative fields both at the national and international levels.